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quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2015

The Viscount who loved me

So, here I am, on the verge of 42... Oh, dear!
When I turned 24, I was celebrating my first anniversary and now!... Oh, so much has gone by.

Anyways, here is another delightful book alhough I must say that one way or another, Julia Quinn always keeps me in my toes. In this book, Bridgertons #2, I loooved Anthony because he was a cad - really. He flirted with his lover before a crowd, he kicked Kate, he planned to marry her sister but obviously flirted with her... Oh, my! Loved him. BUT hated how Kate was always the underdog, how she never had anything to recomend her (see, I'm quite regency here!). This is a problem many P&P fanfic have... also, why did Kate need to be transformed into a kitten once he was secured? That killed me...

The mallet of death, though... delightful.

Julia Quinn
page 42

“Knowing is rarely a prerequisite for hating,” he said softly, his yes settling on hers with lethal steadiness. “Come now, Miss Sheffield, you don’t seem a coward to me. Answer the question.”

Kate held silent for a full minute. It was true, she had not been predisposed to like the man. Shecertainly  wasn’t about to give her blessing to his courtship of Edwina. She didn’t believe for one second that reformed rakes made the best husbands. She wasn’t even sure that a rake could be properly reformed in the first place.

But he might have been able to overcome her preconceptions. He could have been charming and sincere and straightforward, and been able to convince her that the stories about him in Whistledown were an exaggeration, that he was not the worst rogue London had seen since the turn of the century.

He might have convinced her that he held to a code of honor, that he was a man of principles and honesty…

If he hadn’t gone and compared her to Edwina.

For nothing could have been more obvious a lie. She knew she wasn’t an antidote; her face and form were pleasing enough. But there was simply no way she could be compared to Edwina in this measure and emerge as her equal. Edwina was truly a diamond of the first water, and Kate could never be more than average and unremarkable.

And if this man was saying otherwise, then he had some ulterior motive, because it was obvious he wasn’t blind.

He could have offered her any other empty compliment and she would have accepted it as a gentleman’s polite conversation. She might have even been flattered if his words had struck anywhere close to the truth. But to compare her to Edwina…

Kate adored her sister. She truly did. And she knew better than anyone that Edwina’s heart was as beautiful and radiant as her face. She didn’t like to think herself jealous, but still…somehow the comparison stung right to the core.

“I do not hate you,” she finally replied. Her eyes were trained on his chin, but she had no patience for cowardice, especially within herself, so she forced herself to meet his gaze when she added, “But I find I cannot like you.”

Something in his eyes told her that he appreciated her stark honesty. “And why is that?” he asked softly.

“May I be frank?”

His lips twitched. “Please do.”

“You are dancing with me right now because you wish to court my sister. This does not bother me,” she hastened to assure him. “I am well used to receiving attentions from Edwina’s suitors.”


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Disclaimer: 40 pages 40 was my way to celebrate my 40th birthday. Now I continue it with 4 more although i'm turning 42.
It's not easy to accept that 'young' no longer describes me...
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