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The Prince of Pemberley - BOOK 2 - LOVERS

Today is Ms. Austen's 240th birthday!

 Yay, congrats dear Jane!

Let's meet for drinks and talk about hot men and gorgeous cads?
*insert Mrs.Bennet wink*

I've been asked to take part in a big giveaway to celebrate this date - my gift will be the Portuguese version of '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy' - and that should be celebration enough IF my own birthday wouldn't be in three days! Jane turns 240 today, the 16th, and I turn 42 (very sad sigh) Saturday the 19th. Coincidences galore: not only the same week but both our years sum up to '6'. 

In numerology, 6 is THE CARETAKER: responsible, self-sacrificing, loving, protective but also anxious, worrisome, suspicious and paranoid. Well, I can admit to some of these traits...

So you know who would love this? The Prince of Pemberley's Lizzy. She's all into vibes and horoscopes and Darcy always say: 'Stop overthinking, it's bollocks.'  *harrumph* Men!... *eyeroll*

Anyway, as celebration, I'll continue my lovely collection of pages - no longer 40th page: the 42nd!

I've posted The Prince a lot, and now to celebrate both Jane's and mine b-day, I can't post the 42nd page again... Therefore, I'll be giving you a very sexy loving and funny tidbit, right down to the end of BOOK 2... we can say it's the 42nd page from back forward.

The Prince of Pemberley
book 2 - lovers
Moira Bianchi

Chapter Twelve
page 42 (backwards)

Darcy took a few deep breaths to calm his racing heart, passed one leg over hers and held her hips. The image of Elizabeth touching herself as they were connected still played in his mind. ‘Do you do it often?’

‘Mmmm?...’ She asked.

‘Play with yourself.’ He insisted.

She frowned and shrugged. ‘We are mostly apart, and I miss you.’ She said, her voice low but sounding perfectly clear to him since her mouth was so close. ‘Don’t you?’

‘Huh.’ He said noncommittally and she understood as a reluctant ‘yes’.

It had been so unexpected, so surprising. He had never thought she would need anything other than him. Elizabeth frequently said he had taught her so much; he was so good and hot in her eyes… how come she needed to touch herself when he was inside her? Wasn’t he enough? ‘Next time, ask and I’ll do it.’

She frowned again. ‘Ask you what?’

‘To touch you.’ He frowned deeply. ‘It’s one of the newly found pleasures in my life.’

She chuckled and rose on an elbow. ‘Jealous?’

‘Huh.’ He crossed his arms over his chest.

‘Can I tell you a secret?’ She asked, one eye brow higher than the other.

‘Of course.’ He was still serious.

‘After a long search I found a B.O.B. that’s very similar to you…’ She smiled saucily. ‘Of course, the real thing is superb but in size…’ She lowered her eyes and touched his deflating member. ‘Yep, pretty much the right size.’

Darcy, who was frowning expecting what would come from such a malicious smile on her pretty face, made a disgusted expression. At first he didn’t understand what ‘B.O.B.’ meant, but when he did, he was appalled.

Her eyes returned to his face and seeing his expression, she gave him a funny smile. ‘That’s a useful toy, King. We spend a lot of time apart.’

‘You use a dildo thinking of me?’ He asked trying to soften his expression. The thing was that, with her, he felt so relaxed that it was hard to keep his reactions hidden. She made him feel at home, safe from threats and devoid of his inherent need to keep on guard.

She shrugged. ‘I miss you. Sometimes my imagination is not enough and I need a more… concrete stimulus.’ She wiggled her brows once.

‘Huh.’ He grumbled and averted his eyes to the ceiling again.

Elizabeth sighed. ‘What’s ‘huh’?’ She got up and walked to the mini-fridge to get a bottle of sparkling water. She turned back to him, opened the bottle, took a sip and still Darcy was silently frowning at the ceiling hugging his chest. ‘Tell me what you’re thinking.’

He shrugged and kept silent.

She took another sip, admired his naked body and waited a few seconds until her patience gave away. She walked closer to his side and poked his foot with hers.

‘I don’t know.’ He finally said.

Elizabeth shook her head and took a seat close to him. ‘I don’t expect the cure for Ebola. Just tell me what’s in your head.’


‘Urgh!’ She nudged his waist in a fierce roar.

How could he explain the conflicting emotions running inside him? He was irrationally jealous, feeling irrationally threatened, irrationally guilty of witnessing her private moment, curious, horny, spent. ‘I want to see it.’ He said taking the bottle from her hand and raising his torso enough to take a sip.

‘My BOB?’ She raised her brows.

‘Yes.’ He gave her back the bottle thinking that if the object was similar to him, he needed to inspect it, after all, the object pleased his woman… Wait, she said ‘long search’… It meant she considered others and compared… “Oh, hell!” Darcy squinted at her. ‘That’s why I got a blowjob that easy in Brasília? You were measuring me.’

She was swallowing water and almost choked on her laughter.

He squinted in silence.


From today until my birthday, I'll keep posting 42nd pages to complement my list. In fact I had to post only 2 books but since I am releasing two books this week, I'll post 4: my two and two others I enjoy.
elegance of fashion
Here she is!

Happy b-day, Jane!

Disclaimer: 40 pages 40 was my way to celebrate my 40th birthday. Now I continue it with 4 more.
It's not easy to accept that 'young' no longer describes me...
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