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Pride&Passion made a star out of Lydia Bennet

Lydia is such an annoying character!
I have to admit that I never had patience for the spoiled and silly girl. But she's oh-so-necessary for Darcy and Lizzy, right?

Lídia só apreciando todo essa valsa (Foto: Rafael Costa/Globo)

When I write JAFF I always leave her out, barely mention her. 
Austen did so perfectly, there's not much more to say about her fickleness, right?
Well, yes, there is!
The recreation of Austen Nation in the Brazilian soap opera Pride and Passion (Orgulho e Paixão), Lydia has been left aside for many chapters. For example, when she ran away with Wickham, the sisters barely noticed... 
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And then she was obviously pregnant (although all the sisters are sexually active, she's the only one to hit jackpot) but did the family realize the reason she suddenly became very smart? Nope...
- this is actually funny, the silly Lydia starts quoting philosophers and trigonometry! LOL

But then, out of the blue, the author remembered Lydia! 
With a musical!
Oh, how lovely!

or watch it here!

I'll translate it. Here it comes:

Soldier's room
Um sonho desses, hein, Randolfo!? Ninguém quer acordar! (Foto: Rafael Costa/Globo)
Randolfo: I need sleep.
Lydia *in his daydream*: It's a pity I chose another soldier to marry (and he left me at the altar). But your sttutering irritates me, we'd only be happy in world where people were forbidden to speak and could only sing... like the opera.
Randolfo: groan
Otávio *singing*: Wake up, leutenant, there's something in the air, very odd, I'll tell you about it. The whole world wants to sing, and now you... will want to love madly your adored Lydia .
Randolfo: dear Otávio, what do you mean? It's too good, is it for real? 
Lydia: Is it true, I can't tell. Between the Poet (Wickham) and you, sir, who will I chooose to marry and offer my love? 
Randolfo *speaking, sttutering*: Wait, didn't you love the Poet Uirapuru?
Lydia: Sttutered, spoiled everything!
Otávio: Follow her!

Bennet/Benedito house
Nathalia Dill em cena como Elisabeta dançando com Darcy  (Foto: Rafael Costa/Globo)
Elisabeta *singing*: Lydia is fickle, she's a feather in the wind.
Darcy: Changes her mind, her ideas.
Mrs. Bennet: But the man who marries her won't have anything to complain. Lydia is accomplished, delicate.
Mr. Bennet: And deep (deeeeeep) down, a good girl
Mariana (Marianne Dashwood) and Brandon: ahaha, ahaha, she's a good girl - Brandon shakes his finger.
Randolfo: ahaha, ahaha, she's a good girl
Mrs. Bennet *speaking*: You proved you can sing, but can you provide for my daughter?
Lydia *singing*: I know you want me and don't think it's a problem. I have to think it over, I have to, have to reflect.
Randolfo: For you I'll work diligently, so I'll be able to raise the baby (from another man) you'll have.
Lydia: But where's love?
Randolfo: I have for us both.
Lydia: What if it's not enough for me?
Elisabeta *speaking*: Follow her, you fool!
Mariana: What are you waiting for? And invitation?

Park Mansion 
Petúlia (Grace Gioanoukas) também interage com Randolfo no sonho (Foto: Rafael Costa/Globo)
(Northanger Abbey + Mansfield Park + Persuasion)
Lydia *singing*: The love...
Randolfo: The Poet Uirapuru is a lowlife who no one controls and never will
Lydia: But I thought he loved me and ended up offering myself to him
All characters (Tilney/Tibúrcio and Cecília/Catherine Morland + Edmundo and Fani): Offered yourself
Randolfo: That black bird flapped his wings and flew away but I'm right here and would do anything for your love
All characters: your love
Lydia: I'm not sure I can

previously Emma's property now owned by Julieta, first Lady Catherine in this show
A sequência musical contou com a participação dos casais da trama (Foto: Rafael Costa/Globo)
Julieta (Camilo/Binlgley's mom): A furtive tear I notice in your eyes, but Lydia's baby cannot be born without a father
Randolfo *speaking, sttutering*: I want to take it, but where is she?
All characters (Jane and Camilo/Bingley + Emma and Ernesto): Lydia here, Lydia there, Lydia here, Lydia there, Lydia here, Lydia there, Lydiaaaa
Petúlia (Lady Susan's maid): What does she have that I don't.
Lydia: Love, love, love, come here!
Petúlia: Already realized, realized, that I'm a third wheel!

The Village restaurant/coffee house
Os casais capricharam na dança de salão (Foto: Rafael Costa/Globo)
All characters posed to dance, pairs aligned (even the homo couple! so cute!)
The men: A toast, a toast to love for without it there's no hope
The women: Do marry, do marry our sister who's already expecting a baby
All characters: A toast, a toast to love for without it there's no joy; do marry, do marry without delay or else you'll be a spinster
Olegário (Mr. Manwaring) *speaking*: Did you forget about my lessons (of seduction) to you? Even Otávio is dancing. Go on, invite your girl to dance
Randolfo *speaking, sttutering*: Lydia, will you dance with me?
>> She accepts.
Randolfo *singing*: Darling, it's you want to marry, respect and live all my life. Not even my sttutering was a problem, I fell in love. 
Lydia: Leutenant, I surely wanted to bring you joy, but I can't, I cannot, it cannot be hidden. Even if you don't ever sttuter again I'll still want the Poet Uirapuru. 
Poet Uirapuru/Wickham *speaking*: I only want Lydia, the child I pass
Randolfo wakes up upset.

Image result for orgulho e paixão musical lidia

How about that? Heartbreaking? That's Lydia, is it not?
Here, watch it again.

And... a few chapters later, she did accept his proposal.

What about ODC? In dire straits. Elisabeta was in jail caught in a scheme to tear her from Darcy who had to marry someone else to free her. Oh, dear.
Will tell you all about it nex time.

See ya!

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