& Moira Bianchi: Regency love alternative - part 2

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Regency love alternative - part 2

Secrets can be so dangerous... 

Love in acts

3rd act


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Chapter 2
‘Is anything the matter, Fitzwilliam?’

‘No, madam.’

‘The letter you received, any problems at Pemberley? I can help you solve anything you might have trouble dealing with.’

‘I thank you, but everything is under control. Georgiana wanted my opinion on a sojourn in Bath, that’s all.’

As Lady Catherine started a monologue about the place, Darcy walked to the tea tray glad Elizabeth was the only one near it. Albeit there were footmen close, she felt obliged to serve him; it would be terribly impolite to move far from the tray solely because the man was coming her way.

‘Tea, sir?’

‘I thank you, Miss Elizabeth.’ He bowed slightly; she pressed an excuse of a smile offering him the cup. ‘You are very kind.’

‘I’m afraid it is rather cold, you’ve been gone for quite a while. Maybe I could ring for more?’ She offered hoping for a plausible excuse to move far from him.

He understood she wanted to please him. ‘It’s fine, miss.’ He smiled charmingly and observed with a certain amount of happiness that his expression took her by surprise. ‘Are you in good health?’ She nodded. ‘You’ve been far from Hertfordshire since Michaelmas?’

‘I’ve been to London visiting my uncle and aunt.’

He nodded sipping tea. ‘And may I offer assistance in anything you might need?’ She frowned. ‘If there are any inconveniences you need to have solved, miss, all you have to do is confide in me.’ She gasped.

Rewarding his chivalry, he saw her press her hands to her delectable bosom and sigh and jump on his neck hiding her pretty nose in his cravat whispering how much she appreciated his gesture and would forever be in his debt. In reality, it was his aunt who called him rather rudely demanding to know what was he talking to Miss Bennett at one side of the parlor while they were all conversing at the other.

He sighed and saw with sadness Elizabeth not only move away from him but also make obvious effort to avoid his company for the rest of the afternoon.


‘Deuce take these servants.’ Darcy complained throwing the dusty cover of the carom billiards table to the floor.

‘I wager they hope Deuce take our Aunt first. She certainly makes them work overtime.’ Colonel Fitzwilliam opened a cupboard to get balls and cues. ‘It is already amazing how she commissioned this table in the first place.

They set and broke the game in silence.

‘Richard, what you think it is?’ Darcy asked, eyes on his ball as he leaned over the table.

‘She is someone’s mistress!’

Darcy’s cue hit the ball sideways and it twirled around itself. ‘Deuce!’

Colonel Fitzwilliam laughed.

‘If that vixen is to be a mistress, she is to be mine.’ Darcy walked to the side table and emptied his tumble of brandy. He winced as his cousin was still laughing. ‘Didn’t I tell you she was very handsome in an unconventional way?’

‘I think she is handsome as most ladies. The unconventional comes from you.’

‘Fine eyes, they sparkle.’ He mused out loud. ‘But of course she wouldn’t show it to you because she showed it to me.’ He pressed his eyes looking at the window. ‘She is no one’s lover, she is proper and elegant. I watched her walk from the Parsonage today, so handsome…’

‘That is why you kept behind us, you scoundrel!’

Darcy grinned. ‘I wanted to offer her my arm, but you jumped in front of me.’

Colonel Fitzwilliam shook his head. ‘This year you’ll have to shop for a wife, the season is about to start. If you’ll insist on a lady that doesn’t belong to the ton, be prepared to fight my mama and Aunt Catherine.’ He leaned over the table to play.

‘I don’t have to fight anyone; I am master of my own estate.’ Darcy raised his nose. ‘And I won’t shop for anything; I’ll wait to marry after you.’ He sniggered.

‘If you won’t, I may shop for a bride here… The vixen? If I free her from Bingley’s horrid sister, she’ll be grateful to me…’

‘Only if you want me to challenge you.’ Darcy snorted. ‘I can’t fathom why I didn’t see that damned Caroline playing me for a fool. When she spoke of how Jane Bennett was unfit for Bingley, I thought she meant his family needed people of sensibility and not Mrs. Bennett who is obviously an older and poorer version of herself.’ He walked to the table observing the balls move as his cousin played. ‘Mostly I wanted to escape Elizabeth’s eyes. But if Caroline wanted to push Jane away from her brother so Elizabeth would have him…’

‘Maybe she saw through you.’ Colonel Fitzwilliam straightened up. ‘Allow me to point you are not very inconspicuous when it comes to Bennett, cousin. You stare at her.’ He raised his shoulders and Darcy snorted again. ‘Anyway, we have a mystery in our hands: what a vicious ugly unmarried lady knows about another unmarried but handsome lady that could ruin her?’


Awww, he's curious.
You'll need Persuasion, Mr. D. Better call Fred. ;)

chapter 3

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