& Moira Bianchi: I just called, to say, I'll always like Ted

segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2016

I just called, to say, I'll always like Ted

Oh, my, Gene Wilder is gone...
The other day I talked about Robin Williams and to be honest, Gene was just as dear to me. 
My love affair with him started with Willy Wonka. Who wasn't in love with the chocolate factory? 

When my parents took me to a real chocolate factory here in Brasil, Garoto, I dreamt it'd at least as friendly. 
Maybe I could see the different areas or products? 
An occasional midgeon? 
*sad little me*

And then, there was Ted Pierce. 
Ted is so great!

Woman in red is one of my favorite movies of all times, it's all so funny... The lady who worked with him, his wife, the punk kid in love with her, the gay friend... Love it.

Can't say how many times I watched WiR, thousands. All the times I cracked.
RIP, Mr. Wilder.
And today I'll watch Ted again, one more time.

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