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15 Pride and Prejudice motion pictures

Hello there!

I've been neglecting my posts, but not this blog or Dizzy. I have two new stories cooking - and giving me a run for my money to finish them.

It's my new Dizzy universe: Prince and Jane's story. I've already talked about the unprecedented need to tell Jane's PoV and how much this story was grwoing in me (no pun intended). It is half done already. It'll be a three part thing, very intense and sweet.

Meanwhile, I've been visiting Mickey Mouse's Florida retreat in a month long vacation, exasperated with our nation's next 4 years president election (very frustrating and very upseting).

Source: Facebook Timeline. Kudos to @janeausten.mx

My little corner of the world may turn this way or that, but Jane Austen will always be a safe port. Right? So, my facebook pals have posted these lovely portraits of all things Pride and Prejudice (how delightful!) and I decided to list them. Kinda like put a name to a pic. 

Source: Facebook Timeline. Kudos to @janeausten.mx

Shall we?

1940 : I always thought this version had a 'Gone with the wind' vibe. Lawrence Olivier as Mr. D, what can I say? Impressive!...
Watch it here!
1952: A a BBC miniseries. Couldn't find much, sadly I've never wtched it. but Mr Cushing seems a little old for Mr. D who had 28 years old in canon. I know, who am I to point that out? Me, who plays with this characters insesantly. I'll keep searching for it and when I do find, I'll update this post.
1958: Also a BBC miniseries. I found a youtube video with several pictures. Also, sadlsy, I haven't watched it. BTW, Darcified rocks!

1967: Either Google and Wikipedia lie to me or BBC is really our Austen feeder. Here goes another one... And Mr D has very pretty hair! Oh, my!... Found one episode.

1980 : Easier to find, this version has a blondish Lizzy that I don't really care for. My Lizzies have to be brunettes, Mr D too. I've tried making him blond but it sounded weird. Guess who is responsible for this miniseries? Yeah, our dear BBC!

1995 : My favorite, even if Elle and Firth are way too old to portrait Lizzy and Darcy. I have a soft spot for this version and until a better one comes, this is it for me.

2001 : So cute this movie and so blah! the book... I decided to read Bridget Jones after watching the movie and hated it. But Darcy's Christmas jumpers are so damn cute! Here's to Darcy and his Natasha!
2004 : A Bollywood version, blondish Darcy, fun, colorful. Not my fave but nice. (I'll always see P&P as something nice. Always.)
2005 : Famous, M&M portrays a cute Darcy, not a particular fan of Knightley but I liked the Darcy side of the story a lot (that's Georgiana, Fitzwilliam, Bourgh, Collins, Bingleys) - PS: Caroline is way cuter than Lizzy... Lucky us she is such a b*tch.
2008 : Nice but not my cup of tea. This version has a spirited Lizzy who doens't pair with Darcy. Ooops, spoiler? Sorry. The best cast for the Bennets, by far! Loooove Mrs B, my eternal ER doctor.
2013 : Light eyed Darcy, cute fast talker reddish Lizzy: Love it! Several posts here talking about them since week 3 on you tube. A must see(horses)! ;)

2013 : BBC strikes back. Hate this washed away Lizzy, love Kevin but don't care for this Darcy. It's fun if you forget all about Austen.

Not in the cute photo collage but worth the mention:
2003: Pride & Prejudice, A Latter-day Comedy 

A blond Lizzy - and I do not like when she is not a spirited brunette, but a Dizzy nonetheless. Funky Darcy. Nice.

2012: A modern Pride and Prejudice
Didn't watch this indie production. Seems like home made and this is what I do: Home made Pride and Prejudice. Will update this post as soon as I watch it.

2013: Austenland
Another case of book blah and movie super cute. Come on: JJ as Darcy??? Yumilicious!
This not Lizzy is funkier than Lost in Austen not Lizzy. In my humble PoV.
Liked it a great deal!

How many did I miss? A couple? Hundreds?
I read a online article that said something like 'It's a turth universally acknowledged that from time to time there shall be another P&P adaptation.' 
Yep, keep'em coming!

see ya!

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