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sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013

About tattoos

These last few days I've been dwelling on tattoos. Guess why?

Yeah, Mr. Darcy has just gotten one!

ळिज़्ज़र्ड् ळिज़्ज़र्ड् ळिज़्ज़र्ड् ळिज़्ज़र्ड् ळिज़्ज़र्ड् ळिज़्ज़र्ड् ळिज़्ज़र्ड्

It may not mean much now but when you reach chapter 19 of '45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy' this Sanskrit word will put a smile on your face.

After I wrote this scene I sent his tattoo to a few friends and all guys approved of it: both what it means and where it was done. Except my personal Mr D. who said: 'Mr. Darcy would never have a tattoo.'

My hubs always say that Mr Darcy would never act the shenanigans I write for him... *sigh*

Googling, I found a few examples that well, may be hot but also may give hubs the upper hand... 
What do you think?

hot rio chick


hot rio chick

hot rio chick
coming soon!

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