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Light my fire


I'm still happy with the way my book Friendship of a special kind is doing. But now I have my head swimming with another plot that consumes me.

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Driving home from work one day a recurrent bunnie came to me and boom! It exploded in my mind with heads and tails. Now I'm writing it non stop.

A Good discount  was a cute plot bunnie I had that added to Friendship of a special kind explaining some issues that are mentioned as settled on chapter 41. There were still some ends to trim so Darcy and Lizzy decided to let me tell this to you.

Ready to get a good deal?

Here we go!
read the first part here.

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Last part
rated MA (+18)

The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the mire

When Ricky called Darcy it was a pleasant distraction from his and Lizzy’s never-ending humiliation. Not only they had been caught in flagrante delicto but they could not get down on it again after the shock. And Lizzy didn’t even tell Darcy about her mother’s discreet yet effusive compliments on his remarkableness.
Since they had started dating, and they had mostly had a long distance relationship, this was the first time Lizzy and Darcy hadn’t made love as soon as they met.
If he hadn’t eaten so much the night before, if she hadn’t let him eat so much, if he hadn’t been so busy on the phone when they met, if she hadn’t let her father hide him in his library as soon as they arrived in Meryton, if, if. They both blamed themselves for this wretched situation.
‘Hey, brother.’ Ricky said uncharacteristically wanly.
‘Hi, Richard. What’s the matter?’ Darcy said realizing by Ricky’s intonation that something was amiss.
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He was busy downloading song hits from Charlo’s birth year on Lizzy’s laptop while she prepared a string with thirty five small posters glued to it, the first one with his birth year printed and the last one with the current date so people could fill in with Charlo’s life snippets during the party.
‘Ah… you know…’ Ricky moaned.
‘I told you that woman was damn crazy.’ Darcy said looking over his shoulder again to check if Fran would burst into Tom’s library where they were refugees.
‘Yeah. The bottle experiment.’ Ricky whistled. ‘Anyway, how are you? Lizzy ok?’
‘We could be better.’ Darcy groaned.
‘That doesn´t sound good at all.’ Ricky said.
‘Man, you could never guess what happened to us this morning. I’m ashamed even to think about it.’ And Darcy gave Ricky a very abridged version of this morning’s disaster but it was enough to lift his brother’s mood.
‘Thank you for that, Will!’ Ricky guffawed. ‘I needed to clear my liver!’
‘Glad someone can see mirth in this. I want to whisk my woman away and never return here again.’ Darcy said a bit too loud and Lizzy looked up at him from the desk where she was working. Her pained expression made him feel guilty. ‘Love, it was no one’s fault.’ He said.
Apparently Fran had knocked and they hadn’t listened. She had had a very good idea to postpone the damn meeting over Granny’s house and she needed to discuss it with them at once. They usually woke up late when in Meryton, only getting out of their bedroom well after nine so Fran thought that they were still asleep at seven and there wouldn’t be any harm in waking them up. It did cross her mind that maybe they had some action before coming out of the bedroom, but she could never guess they were such early birds.
So, as it looked like, it was no one’s fault exactly. He thought Lizzy would lock the door when she came to bed; she thought Darcy had already locked it as he always did; Fran thought that if the door wasn’t locked there wouldn’t be any danger.
‘Will you two stay in Meryton until Monday? I thought about catching a flight to New York to spend some time with you. Maybe Lizzy could give me some good advice on women.’ Ricky said unhappily.
‘She’ll tell you what she did last time you asked her. You need to find a girlfriend and stop jumping from bed to bed. I agree.’ Darcy said returning his attention to his DJ task.
Ricky sighed. ‘From how much I see you work, I think I’m not up to it.’
‘What you need is to find your Lizzy. Then it won’t seem like work at all.’ Darcy said admiring Lizzy’s upturned butt as she leaned on the desk to reach the far side of the posters’ string.
Ricky groaned.
‘Richard, instead of a flight to New York, catch one to Boston. Rent a car and come here. Charlo’s celebrating his birthday and you like any kind of parties.’ Darcy suggested.
‘And you need a wing man so you won’t hide in a far corner alone.’ Ricky chuckled.
‘Yes, mostly that. Lizzy will be busy with her friends that I barely know. She is always attentive to me but I don’t like to hinder her.’ Darcy admitted to himself.
Through Darcy’s eyes, she was the sun of every party and he was shy and aloof almost all the time. He loved to watch her laugh and have fun but couldn’t follow her social easiness. Gardy’s words were always fresh in his mind ‘Elizabeth and me? It would never work. Either she would kill me or my life would bore her, and that would certainly kill Lizzy.’
Darcy found in his heart and mind a way to make it work between them. He allowed her to run free, enjoyed her easiness and took advantage of it but didn’t try to put a leash on her. She respected his brooding nature and let him choose a corner to hide from the social hubbub. She hovered around him but had space to enjoy the parties if she wanted.
‘Are you suggesting I crash a gay party? Should I find myself a cake that fits me?’ Ricky asked in a joke.
‘That’s absurd and disrespectful. I think. Not a gay party anyway, Lizzy’s friend’s party; but wait.’ Darcy said and looked up from the laptop to Lizzy again. ‘Liz, Ricky is depressed and bored. Do you think Charlo would mind him crashing the party?’
sexy woman outrageous sex‘Is the crazy woman history?’ Lizzy asked. Darcy nodded. ‘Good. Ask Ricky if he would mind gogo dancing… or coming out of a cake!’ Lizzy said giggling.
Darcy chuckled and Ricky - hearing Lizzy’s joke - laughed at his end of the phone call.
‘Well my brother, I’ve got your back. I’ll phone you from Boston. Watch out for your mother-in-law until I arrive to distract her with as many dirty jokes as I can.’ Ricky said sounding more like his good humored self.
‘Fuck you, Richard. See you later.’ Darcy said and smiled.
Darcy and Lizzy managed to avoid lunch with her parents and had a bite to eat downtown when they delivered their errands to a frantic Charlo who was almost in tears certain his party was going to be a fiasco.
Unfortunately the inheritance discussion was impossible for Lizzy to evade and Darcy would never let her face a harsh situation alone if she allowed him to be with her. So soon enough the Bennetts’ living room was filled with the cousins and their spouses, Pipa, Tom and Fran.
At first when Ryan arrived with his wife and three children it was pleasant enough, he was a nice guy and Darcy could exchange a few words with him. Then Benjamin arrived with his girlfriend who was one of Kitty’s friend and the girls’ loud voices could be heard all the way from the kitchen. Also the kids’ shrieks and giggles from the back porch were starting to fill the room. When Ava arrived with her twin boys, thug of a husband and Pipa the chaos was established.
Shortly after their father’s death, both Tom and Pipa had abdicated their rights on the house in favor of their mother who agreed to leave it all to her grandchildren. The house was a good real estate, spacious and well located in Meryton’s downtown and with some remodeling would reach a very nice value price.
As the discussion caught wind quickly Darcy was accosted by one of the side windows and could not get closer to Lizzy so he was left in the anguished position of witnessing her as she tried to reason with her deranged cousins and aunt. He clasped his hands behind his back and tried to manage his annoyance with the petty discussions over who already had some assets and therefore should relinquish the house in favor of the others.
‘It’s easy for Lizzy to argue with us! She is as good as married to a millionaire!’ Cousin Ava said smiling evilly. She and Lizzy had always bickered at each other due to Ava’s jealousy of the attention Lizzy always got from their Grandpa.
‘I work to make ends meet, Ava. Just like you, Ryan and Benny. That’s not the point. I still think we should sell the house and split the money equally.’ Lizzy said seriously.
‘But if we sell as it is now, we’ll lose money. It needs a renovation.’ Benny said.
‘Let’s work on it ourselves then.’ Kitty suggested.
‘No way. I’m not wasting my time.’ Ava’s husband said and she nodded vigorously.
‘And who would pay for these renovations?’ Ben worried.
‘We could all share the expenses…’ Kitty suggested in a low voice. She then turned to look up at Lizzy who was seated on the couch beside her who was on the floor. ‘Would you pay for my share, Liz?’
‘Of course, Kit.’ Lizzy smiled at her sister.
Ava’s husband continued. ‘Ryan has been living there for free. He should pay a contractor to renovate it.’
‘I already got somewhere else to go; I won’t need your pittance anymore!’ Ryan shouted angrily.
‘Come on, son. That was not pittance. Granny’s house is yours too; she would love to know that she helped her great grandchildren.’ Tom said.
‘You’re damn right it’s not! He owns the house as well!’ Pipa said angrily.
‘If we still can’t arrive to any conclusion, we should definitely sell the house. That way we won’t destroy our family over the house that started it.’ Lizzy said self-assured.
‘Maybe that’s the best option. Ava, Ryan and Ben should get bigger shares.’ Pipa said.
‘Excuse me! Why should your children get more than mine?’ Fran shouted.
‘Because they are older and have families!’ Pipa shouted back.
‘Ben is single!’ Fran answered.
‘He is almost engaged!’ Pipa shouted again and Ben’s girlfriend stiffened beside Kitty.
‘Let’s just agree to sell and end this discussion! It would destroy Granny and Grampa to know we are fighting over their house!’ Lizzy whined and dropped her head in her hands. Watching her slumped onto the couch as she was only made Darcy’s frown deepen.
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‘Why don’t you buy all our shares then, Miss Millionaire’s wife?’ Ava accused Lizzy.
‘She will.’ Darcy said in a leveled voice that somehow was heard all over the room.
Lizzy raised her head and looked at him, holding the back of her neck with both hands and still slumped onto the couch. The family was a bit intimidated by Darcy. His stern posture, seriousness and money made them awkward around him. He seemed to make Lizzy happy and he surely showed the most gorgeous smiles when she was close to him, but his attitude discouraged any attempt of intimacy.
‘My lawyer will present you a reasonable offer for the whole property considering it is renovated. You will all get a good value for your love inheritance.’ Darcy said sternly without giving away any emotion or space for much discussion.
Silence fell for a few minutes.
‘Well, well, well, Tommy. Your almost son-in-law wants to buy our parents’ home.’ Pipa said in a daze with her eyes intent on Darcy who still didn’t waver.
‘Yes, he does Pipa. I think it’s a damn good solution.’ Tom told her.
‘I don’t want to. Elizabeth will buy the other four shares paying the best value you will ever get, and once you calm down you will see that it’s best to keep the house in the family.’ Darcy explained.
‘William…’ Lizzy started and he immediately averted his eyes to her. But she didn’t say anything else as words were unnecessary; they communicated enough in a long stare.
Fran clapped her hands waking everybody up. ‘It is settled, my Lizzyla will buy Granny’s house and this is past. I don’t want to hear any crap about that ever again.’ She said looking pointedly at Pipa. ‘Now, let’s have Ava’s cupcakes and coffee.’ She decreed.
Ricky had a big surprise at Logan when he met Thorn at the rentals’ shop and they rode together to Meryton arriving just in time for a quick shower at the local inn. Darcy and Lizzy stopped by to accompany them to the party.
garden party
Charlo had chosen Dennie’s parents’ garden to host his birthday party because their house was bigger and had a well-manicured lawn with a beautiful deck that screamed ‘dance floor’.
The Lucases loved a good party and the whole family got involved in the preparations and decorations. Mrs. Hill catered the party offering her excellent hand in the kitchen and making sure cold drinks were a plenty.
Charlo was beside himself. He laughed and danced, thanked every gift he received and hosted everyone warmly. Since he turned twenty six, almost every year he made a show of being depressed at his birthday but it was all a decoy to attract as much attention as possible. Sadly the previous year the party had been vetoed due to his father’s heart scare.
Therefore this party celebrated two birthdays and he was a popular guy; the party would certainly be a success. But he could never have guessed what Darcy and Lizzy would bring him this year.

He was stunned to see Thorn. They had never found closure on their romance and exchanged e-mails every now and then. Thorn was looking good, a bit thinner and intent on having a good time. Charlo had been expecting Darcy and Lizzy would bring Richard the Nugget and he thought that was enough eye candy for him, but Thorn too… his party was surely going to be a memorable.
As if in a daze Charlo hugged Lizzy and she whispered in his year: ‘Happy birthday, friend! Did you like your surprise?’
Charlo nodded. ‘Yes! Wow! I could never guess he would want to come here again…’ He whispered back to Lizzy.
‘It was Will’s idea. Now work out your issues with Thorn.’ Lizzy said in his ear.
‘I’m speechless…’ Charlo answered still in a whisper, blinking and smiling.
Lizzy pushed back from the embrace and laughed. ‘That’s a novelty!’
‘Congratulations, Charlo.’ Darcy said and reached a hand to shake Charlo’s while hugging Lizzy’s waist.
Charlo waved his hand off and gave Darcy a hug. ‘Thank you, Lizzy’s hunk!’ He said low so only Darcy could hear.
Darcy blushed and blushed, but didn’t comment.
‘Happy birthday old man! Thanks for having me crashing!’ Richard said hugging Charlo. He had just seen the guy hugging his brother so he thought it was ok to do it too.
‘Such a handsome crasher! Crash in anytime you’d like!’ Charlo laughed and the others joined his absurd joke.
‘Already high in spirits…’ Lizzy whispered to Darcy who nodded back at her.
But they stepped aside when Charlo greeted Thorn to give them some privacy. From what they could observe of the exchange, it was going smoothly.
It was a very happy event, people talked and danced, had dinner in the garden that looked great with hanging lamps. There was big table set for fifteen and several other small ones scattered around.
party dress
Darcy, Lizzy, Ricky, Dennie and her current boyfriend found one of these side tables and had an animated dinner composed by homemade pasta, cheesy meatballs and a delicious salad.
‘Mrs. Hilly outdid herself! This is delicious!’ Lizzy said when she returned from the buffet table after helping herself of more green salad with caper dressing.
‘It is. I’m going to have more pasta.’ Darcy said.
‘Do you want me to get it for you?’ Lizzy offered.
He smiled and kissed her forehead. ‘Thank you, darling.’ But he got up holding his empty plate.
‘The baby sitter is here, sis. I’ll escort him there, he’ll be safe. I promise.’ Ricky said and got up holding his plate as well.
‘Shut it, Richard.’ Darcy mumbled to everyone’s laughter.
Charlo visited all tables taking pictures and making jokes. When Darcy complimented him on the nice arrangements Dennie chimed in saying that he had enslaved her and her boyfriend, making them work the whole day to settle everything up. The boyfriend nodded unhappily.
‘He was ruthless! He barked orders all afternoon!’ Dennie said dramatically.
‘I did not!’ Charlo complained.
‘I wasn’t here, but I bet you did…’ Lizzy pursed her lips.
‘Where were you anyway? You could have helped me…’ Dennie whined.
Lizzy smiled. ‘We had a family meeting to discuss Granny’s house…’ She twisted her lips to one side.
‘Ouch!’ Dennie cried.
‘Sweet Lord!’ Charlo exclaimed.
‘Really messy.’ Darcy mumbled and took a sip of his beer.
But before they could elaborate more Kitty arrived with three friends to greet Charlo. It was past dinner and the dance floor was about to pick up speed, so Charlo invited them to stay if they wanted to dance with the elderlies.
Kitty greeted Richard and introduced her friends thrilled that for the first time she thought he had reciprocated her flirting look. Her heart skipped a beat but she decided not to raise her expectations once again.
Since the first time she had seen him on the families’ joined Christmas, Kitty thought Ricky stunning. Lizzy’s Will was a gorgeous man, no doubt about it. But he was too quiet, too serious, too boring. Richard was… something else. He was tall, good looking, funny, sexy, older. And never so much as looked at her the way she coveted when she saw him flirting at women the night he took her and Georgiana out in New York.
Ricky called her ‘Kiddo’ and treated her like he treated their baby cousin - who was older than Kitty - but she wanted more. And today, she thought she detected something different on the way he hugged her a bit tighter.
Richard was surprised to see Kitty grown up. It had been what?... A year? Maybe less since he had last seen her and she looked so grown up now. He thought he had seen Lizzy wearing a dress like that before but he wasn’t sure. He was sure that it looked so damn good in Kitty suppler figure.
‘Brother, your sister-in-law is a fox now!’ Ricky whispered elbowing Darcy.
‘Richard, I forbid you to think of baby Bennett that way.’ Darcy warned.
‘So sweet…’ Ricky said looking at Kitty as she sipped her beer with her friends at the other side of the deck. He hadn’t even heard Darcy’s words.
‘Snap out of it, Richard. She’s almost twenty years younger than you.’ Darcy said. ‘I mean it!’
Richard startled with the twenty years comment and nodded at Darcy, but the love bug was alive once again inside him.
‘You changed me, Darling!’ Darcy said laughing as Lizzy twisted him on the dance floor.
‘No. I improved you!’ Lizzy laughed. ‘But in what way do you mean?’
‘Dancing!’ He said and hugged her close when ‘Light my fire’ started. ‘I’m counting you’ll do it tonight…’ He whispered in her ear.
‘You mean I’m not doing it already? We’re in public, what else can I do?’ Lizzy asked faking a saddened expression.
He laughed. ‘How about a drive?’
‘Drive, love?’ Lizzy asked leaning back to look him in the eye.
‘Back seat.’ He wiggled his brows.
She laughed and nodded.
Soon after they heard Kitty’s giggles and saw Richard spinning her wildly at the dance floor; both of them laughed dancing arm in arm to ‘Mrs. Robinson’ and Darcy frowned. When Lizzy tugged on his hand to go find a new cold beer she realized he was displeased.
‘What, Will?’ She asked.
‘Nothing, Darling.’ Darcy answered, shook his head and smiled at her.
Lizzy followed the direction where he was frowning at and only saw people dancing and laughing, having fun… Dennie, Charlo, Thorn, a few friends from high school, Kitty holding Ricky’s hand… “Oh, crap!”
older guy younger girl party‘Richard…’ Lizzy whispered. ‘Will, is Ricky losing his mind?’ Lizzy asked Darcy.
He pursed his lips and escorted her off the dance floor. ‘I hope not.’
By they kept Richard under surveillance for the rest of the night. It was clear that he was attracted to Kitty and that she had a major crush on him was no secret to anyone.
Thorn started an animated conversation with Darcy remembering their student years that soon turned to laughter and they thanked the other for giving their love lives an important boost. Darcy said he would be forever in debt with Charlo and Thorn for arranging their vacations in Meryton, which lead to him meeting his stunning woman and they all laughed.
‘The other day a client asked me about my woman and I said I imported her from the best country chits producer town in the country!’ Darcy said and laughed.
Thorn had tears in his eyes from laughter.
‘Darce, you are a different man! Liz, my sweet! You reconstructed him!’ He gushed.
‘Hardly. I’m undecided if this was a compliment or not.’ She pouted. ‘Are you offending me, Darcy? How snob! Country chit! I’ll show you country chit…’
‘Come on, love…’ Darcy leaned down to kiss her lips since she was in flip flops.
‘There sure are a lot of country flowers in this garden. Your baby sister is so damn cute, Liz…’ Thorn complimented Kitty, startling both Darcy and Lizzy.
As soon as Darcy could he excused himself mentioning the restroom and returned only several minutes later with Ricky in tow. From that moment on, he didn’t let Richard out of his sight.
That proved to be such a difficult task that when the party ended Darcy and Lizzy were dead tired. Kitty refused to go home with them saying she would have a coffee with her friends in town. They escorted Richard to the inn and he promised he would hit to bed immediately. But Lizzy couldn’t relax until she heard Kitty’s car arrive some hours later.
The amount of beers they had at the party took its toll on Darcy and he got out of bed early Sunday morning from a deep sleep. He rose carefully not to wake up Lizzy who haven’t slept much, took a long shower, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and headed for breakfast.
Downstairs he found Fran and Tom reading the morning paper at the kitchen table and sipping coffee.
‘Morning.’ He said when he entered the kitchen.
‘Morning.’ Fran answered without raising her eyes from what she was reading and took a sip of her coffee.
‘Morning, Darcy. Fran, you may look up. He is totally composed!’ Tom sniggered.
Darcy blushed and shifted from foot to foot. ‘I’ll… I’ll go wake up Richard for breakfast.’ He said.
That made Fran raise her eyes. ‘Your brother is here? Why didn’t he stay with us?’
‘He got here early evening for Charlo’s birthday party.’ Darcy explained and served himself of some coffee.
‘Well, go fetch him and bring him here! No family of ours will come to Meryton and not stay with us. Tom, start the grill for a barbecue. I´ll prepare the food.’ She said and rose from the table.
‘No, Fran. Please. No need for all this trouble…’ Darcy tried to argue.
‘Nonsense. We’re gonna have a barbecue at home. Go get him!’ Fran waved Darcy off and marched to the back porch to start arranging lunch.
garden lunch partyThe barbecue was promoted to an impromptu party when Charlo accompanied by Thorn stopped by to deliver some left over cake and they called Dennie to join them. Cousin Ryan arrived a few moments later to deliver the keys to Granny’s house to Lizzy and Darcy and, on seeing the party, he offered to fetch more cold beer from the local supermarket.
What was supposed to be an awkward lunch for Darcy since he would seat at a table with his mother-in-law turned out to be an animated family party with Ryan’s older children running around and paying ball around the back yard.
Lizzy called Kitty aside and advised her about Richard, how old he was compared to her; his womanizer history; the distance he lived from her but Kitty didn’t really take it seriously.
‘Lizzy, chill out! It’s just a flirt.’ Kitty said dismissively.
Lizzy pursed her lips thinking that she had had just a dick friendship with Darcy…
After the barbecue there was a field trip to Granny’s house. Everybody wanted to visit and check the state it was. Darcy was surprised to see that Ryan had taken good care of the property while he lived in it and the guy himself showed him where it would need work done.
There was some furniture scattered, just what hadn’t been divided after Granny’s passing. Most of it was Kitty’s and Ben’s share since they didn’t have a house of their own. Lizzy had taken the old kitchen table to locate it on the brownstone’s back patio and one of the bedroom sets for the upstairs room. What was left were one bedroom and one garden set, the dining room table and chairs, two couches, a coffee table.
Darcy surveyed the house and grounds as a business man. He had visited the house just once while Lizzy’s grandma was alive, he barely remembered it. And he had plans for this house.
Lizzy followed him and listened as he objectively discussed the renovations necessary while letting all the happy memories of her grandparents’ home come to her mind.
Fran gushed about how gallant Darcy had been when he put an end to Pipa’s silliness and announced that Lizzy would buy the house. Lizzy blushed feeling embarrassed both by her mother’s words and Darcy’s actions. She had some money saved that she wasn’t sure would be enough to buy all the four shares but of course he never did count on her money. Lizzy knew that all along he planned to buy it himself and probably only said she would be buying it to calm the family nonsense.
Lizzy still needed to talk to Darcy about it.
Lizzy felt ambiguous. It was her grandparents’ home, she had lived her childhood on these rooms and gardens, and now Darcy would buy it. Another Darcy house, no longer Gran Bennett’s home… of course he had done it to please her but deep down it felt like he was running her down.
Before she could dwell on these feelings though, the visiting crowd started to wane. Charlo, Dennie and Thorn decided to drive to the next town for an early concert of a friend of Charlo’s at a local pub. Fran and Tom went back home to clean up the barbecue debris taking Ricky and Kitty to help. Lizzy looked sternly at Kitty who rolled her eyes and walked away. Ryan had to accept their help as both his kids were sleepy and all of a sudden Darcy and Lizzy were left alone.
‘The house looks nice. I didn’t expect that.’ Darcy said looking around the kitchen when Lizzy arrived hugging her own waist.
‘Everybody has left.’ She whispered back.
‘What is it Darling?’ Darcy asked and opened his arms for her to step in. ‘Liz, no more secret feelings, remember?’
‘It’s silly…’ She said and looked up at him. ‘Seeing the empty house makes me sad. When inside here I miss my grandparents very much… and all that fight over this house as if it were just real estate...’
He nodded. ‘It was ugly.’
‘Ugly, messy, unflattering. Thank you for enduring it.’ She gave him a wanly smile.
‘I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’ Darcy said and kissed her nose.
‘And thank you for ending the fight. I don’t think I’ll have enough money to buy all the shares though.’ Lizzy said raising both her brows.
Darcy frowned.
‘But I have a feeling you were not counting on my savings when you announced I was buying it…’ She said raising an eyebrow at him in challenge the way he adored.
‘No. But I meant what I said; you will be buying the house.’ He said cryptically.
‘Explain that to me, please?’ Lizzy asked.
Darcy took a few steps with Lizzy still in his arms and took a seat at the dining room, nestling her in his lap. ‘I want you to have it.’
Lizzy raised her eyebrows again. ‘What?’
‘Your family’s house. I want to give it to you. It’s yours, your history, your childhood, our future life.’ He said caressing her neck with his thumb.
‘Thank you, I guess. Wow!’ Lizzy leaned on his lap to kiss his lips. When she released him he was smiling. ‘I have to tell you that I was afraid it would ultimately become a Darcy house…’ She mumbled.
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ He frowned at her.
‘You know, mini Pemberley…’ Lizzy said a bit ashamed of her silly thoughts. He was really being considerate with her and not planning on running her over.
‘Is that a bad thing? Is our brownstone a Darcy house?’ Darcy asked aggravated.
‘Well, no… but I still can’t relax at Pemberley.’ She said grooming his V-neck t-shirt. ‘I know, I know… I’m working on it.’ She said before he could complain.
He shook his head and studied her eyes when she finally looked up at him. ‘You are so stubborn, Lizzy. It will only work against you.’
She frowned thinking he was using shrink language with her. Darcy usually was a cajoler not an over thinker.
‘You’ll have one more house to Bennett-Darcy-tize.’ He smiled mischievously.
‘Huh?’ Lizzy held his upper arms and leaned back squinting.
‘If you can’t see Pemberley for what it is, make it your own. Renovate it. Redecorate it. I have been thinking of ways to help you feel at home there and during that awful family meeting it occurred to me. Aside from the historical rooms, the house is yours to make it cozy.’
‘Are you out of your mind?’ Lizzy giggled.
‘The only time I was saner was when I begged you to be mine.’ Darcy said and kissed her. ‘You did an amazing job at the brownstone. Now you only have to work on the other Bennett-Darcy homes.’
‘Other Bennett-Darcy homes?’ She asked incredulous.
‘Yes, Seattle, Pemberley, Boston…’ He counted on his fingers. ‘But this one will be a little different.’ He said and locked yes with her. It was such an intense look that Lizzy swallowed forcefully. ‘This house is your wedding gift, Elizabeth.’
‘Wed-‘ She started but he raised a finger to her lips.
‘I need to know that you won’t run away again. You need to reassure me.’ She could see he was dead serious. ‘You don’t want to get married; I don’t want to be only a boyfriend. We need a compromise.’
Lizzy blinked at him several times.
‘Commitment.’ He said.
‘Commitment.’ She whispered back. ‘We´ll move in together officially in a month. That’s commitment.’
‘Yes, but not enough. I want more.’ He said. ‘A ring on our left hands. I want to call you mine, I want to use ‘wife’ when I feel like it.’ Darcy stated.
darcy lizzy lizzie sexy
 ‘Aren’t commitment rings a little useless? It is said that it’s a ‘shut up about getting engaged’ ring.’ Lizzy said in a low voice a pained expression.
He pursed his lips, raised his brows and nodded.
Lizzy widened her eyes understanding his intention and blushed.
‘Let´s think of it as an ‘I intent to marry you someday’ ring.’ Darcy said in a suggestion, but Lizzy knew he wouldn’t accept her refusal.
She locked eyes with him for what seemed like hours.
‘How long have you planned this?’ Lizzy asked, suspicious.
‘Obviously it’s not a conspiracy, Liz.’ Darcy frowned. ‘I don’t have this ring here in my shorts’ pocket.’
She let out a breath that she was not aware she had been holding.
‘I guess I wanted to propose you this ever since you came back to me. I don’t want to lose you ever again. I know a ring is not a guarantee, it won’t hold you by my side.’ Darcy said holding her waist with both hands. ‘Please don’t consider the ring a leash.’ He stopped for a moment. ‘But damn it, Lizzy! You almost killed me when you left!’ He ruffled the hair on the back on his head.
‘It was awful for me as well…’ She whispered, a yarn ball in her throat.
‘Still you left me.’ He said. ‘I want your word. You don’t want to marry, fine. Commit. Officially.’ He ordered.
‘I will.’ Lizzy said and kissed him hoping to dissolve the tears threatening to escape her eyes.
‘This house is your gift.’ Darcy murmured on her lips when she released him, his eyes still close.
‘Thank you. It’s amazing, you are amazing. What can I give you in return to top that?’ Lizzy said holding his face in her hands and searching his eyes as he opened them.
‘You could say ‘I do’ at the altar, in front a priest and take my name.’ Darcy answered sincerely. As she averted her eyes he raised her chin. ‘Don’t mistake my tolerance for anything else, Lizzy.’
She nodded.
And they kept silent, communicating through their eyes all that their hearts still could not let out without bleeding.
After a few moments, Lizzy felt an urge to possess him, to let him possess her.
She devoured his mouth and moved to seat astride him. He leaned back on the chair to a cozier position and that way their crotches made full contact. They both moaned on each other’s mouths and the kisses got even more desperate.
When he started to undo the buttons of her indigo sleeveless shirt, Lizzy leaned back. ‘Let’s lock the house first.’
‘Oh yes!’ He helped her get off him and together they locked the doors and windows.
They couldn’t help but laugh at their fear of getting caught once more. ‘Liz, work on this house first. I don’t want to stay at your parents’ ever again!’
‘Ah! That’s the real reason you bought this house!’ Lizzy laughed, turning on the ceiling fan switch by the front door.
‘No. But it really is handy.’ He smiled his best smile at her. He loved to watch her laughing. ‘Come to me, Darling. Naked.’
strip hangers empty house
She smiled saucily back at him and finished unbuttoning her indigo shirt. By the front door there were still some coat hangers and she used them to arrange her shirt. Darcy took a seat on the couch to better watch her show.
He had just won an important battle. Even if in disguise he was putting a band on her left ring finger. Now his stunning woman was smiling sexily at him, dancing her enticing hips in the tiny shorts he loved, stripping for him. She was happy.
Darcy was completely lost for this woman, had always been. He loved her with all his existence, she consumed him. She played with his lust, she defied him, took care of him, made him try to be more opened socially. And she was so damn hot.
Lizzy pretended her small white shorts were too tight and wiggled her hips this way and that to free her butt, making sure to turn her back to Darcy and look at him over her shoulder.
He smiled and nodded.
“Yeah, that’s how he likes it!” She smiled back and stretched to put her shorts on the hangers.
With one hand on his crotch, Darcy waved his other hand motioning for her to continue.
Lizzy hooked a thumb on her bra strap to push it over her right shoulder and released it. Then did the same with the elastic of her panties and raised one eyebrow giving him the choice. He pointed at her breasts.
As his woman reached behind her to unclasp her bra, Darcy watched mesmerized, his desire boiling inside him. He loved her so much that it was hard for him to concentrate on his work just remembering the sight of those… ah! Those breasts. He spent his days anticipating seeing exactly this scene: Lizzy taking off her bra and letting her mouthwatering breasts weigh down, nipples hard and pointing up, dark aureoles calling for his mouth. He adored her breasts, full, big, silky skinned. He always sucked her ribs just under them just to feel their weigh on his cheek.
Lizzy arrived at her panties at last. She used Darcy as a mirror and arranged her panties first in the front and then showed her back to him to finger the extent of the elastic on her butt. He squinted squeezing his crotch and she bit her lips.
‘Do it.’ He ordered.
She turned to him and bending forward lowered her lace-waist panties.
‘Ah… I love when you go Brazilian…’ Darcy licked his lips, eyes locked on her bald pussy.
‘And still it’s been three days…’ She said and again turning her back to him pointed her butt up to naughtily put her panties on the highest hook.
‘Eight days.’ He corrected her without blinking.
Darcy smiled. She knew exactly what she was doing to him. Some weeks ago at Pemberley he had given her clit all the attention it deserved and in return she had given him consent to teach her how enjoyable unconventional intercourse could be. The sight of his woman bended over his office’s couch’s arm where he had drunk himself to sleep crying when she had left him, her ass up and his dick vanishing…
“Damn this woman for moaning that way.” He thought. “Let’s make her moan now.”
Darcy opened his arms for her.
Lizzy sashayed to him, twirling in front of the couch when his hands touched her waist. It was very sexy to be naked with his hands drawing a belt around her midriff while he sat fully clothed watching her.
‘Woman, you make me wild.’ He said pulling her astride him.
‘Will you keep dressed?’ She asked before diving to his mouth. ‘I want your skin…’
But she got no answer. It had been more than a week since they last made love. Lizzy was starting to fear that they were settling down and that their desire was diminishing. This thrill of offering herself to him like this, naked, no protection whatsoever while he continued dressed was amazing.
She tried to take off his shirt and he let her do it, but too caught up on her own desire and taking advantage of the situation, Lizzy stopped trying to undress him. She guided one of his hands from her breasts to her pussy and rose on her knees so he could give her the pleasure she adored. He smiled and caressed her soft waxed skin, then ran both hands to her knees.
While she kissed him, he caressed from the back of her knees to back thighs, kneaded her butt cheeks, and ran his hands all the way up to her shoulder blades. She moaned and squirmed feeling her skin catch fire and her pussy drown.
she on top empalling him
Darcy smiled and released her lips satisfied with her moaning. His hands found their way again to her breasts, guiding his mouth to her nipples. Lizzy’s knees threatened to give in but she forced them to support her. This was too delicious to stop.
He found his spot on her ribs, just under her left breast, the spot where he always left a light hickey. She tugged on his hair but he didn’t stop. Instead, he let his hands return to her pussy as she wanted; his four right fingers brushing lightly over her clit, followed his left thumb.
‘Show me how much you like it, Darling.’ Darcy murmured. Lizzy stretched her back holding his shoulders for support so he could admire her figure, nipples hard, head thrown back, light sweat covering her neck, his, all his.
To please her he tried one finger, then another, one at a time very lovingly conducting a thorough exploration of his favorite place on Earth. As she rocked her hips he held them a bit tighter delighting in feeling that in fact there was a little more Lizzy to hold.
She leaned her head forward letting her hair frame his face and kissed him. The urgency was such that he knew she was almost gone. Releasing her he opened his fly and guided her down, impaling her to the core.
It was a rhythm they already knew and mastered, so they took their time extending the pleasure as long as they could until they exploded without ungluing their mouths not even to breathe.
Lizzy rested her head on his shoulder for long minutes letting her heart return to normal beating. Darcy leaned his head on the back of the old couch enjoying the afterglow, leisurely caressing Lizzy’s thighs, celebrating silently to himself the small victory the commitment ring presented.
‘Bennett is satisfied with this reunion, Darcy.’ Lizzy said smiling in his neck.
He chuckled. ‘Bennett is about to need ointment because Darcy wants to try all the rooms in this house.’
‘Darn!’ Lizzy leaned back to look him in the eye, a horror expression on her face. ‘I just realized I’m naked impaled on my boy-‘ She started to say but Darcy’s stern look stopped her. She could never find in her the strength to say ‘husband’ so she settled for… ‘Impaled on my man…’ She said and waited for his approval. He nodded. ‘I’m naked, impaled on my man in my grandpa’s living room!’
‘And you think your grandpa wouldn’t approve?’ Darcy asked in a closed lips smile.
‘No!’ She laughed.
‘Well, Mr. Bennett. I´ll impale your delicious granddaughter on your kitchen counter, I’ll bend her over your dining room table, I’ll bang her on the only bed that’s left here, I’ll fuck her in your shower and I’ll make love to her every time we step in here. Get used to it.’ Darcy said out loud to the Bennett’s ghosts and Lizzy laughed.
‘Darcy has no shame, Gramps!’ She said in a giggle.
‘And still she’ll be a Darcy one day!’ He answered.
‘Are you done arranging the food in the car, Lizzyla?’ Fran asked from the back porch.
‘Almost, I’ll put it all behind the driver’s seat.’ Lizzy answered ina loud voice from where the cars were parked.
“Good.” Fran thought. Lizzy was far away enough. ‘William?’ She called Darcy who was scribing down his lawyer’s number on the fridge’s door notepad for the Bennetts to have the contact in case they had any doubts about the house deal.
‘Yes?’ He answered distractedly.
‘I want to apologize one more time. I didn’t mean to intrude on you two.’ She said and he nodded blushing. ‘Also, I want to ask you a favor.’
‘Anything, Fran.’ He said. Whatever his mother-in-law wanted he could only say yes.
‘Tell your good looking brother to leave my baby alone.’ She stared him straight in the eye. ‘I mean it.’
‘I already told him that. He swears he just flirted with her.’ Darcy said equally sternly.
‘Don’t think I don’t see him throwing his charms on her, making her giggle and casting long looks at her legs.’ Fran pointed a finger at Darcy as if he was the one who couldn’t disguise his interest in Kitty.
Darcy nodded.
‘He knows best, doesn’t he?’ She asked.
‘I hope so.’ Darcy answered displeased.
‘He is much older than she is. Is he close to your age?’ Fran asked.
‘Two years younger.’ He said.
Fran nodded.
‘Warn him that I´ll twist his balls if he toys with my baby girl. That is, if he didn’t understand it already from how I watched him like a hawk.’
‘I think he did, Fran.’ Darcy said. He would be the one giving Ricky hell over this conversation. It seemed this weekend he was fated to be embarrassed by his mother-in-law.
Ricky had told Darcy that nothing of importance had happened but he would be waiting anxiously Kitty get older and more independent because Fran scared the shit out of him. Ricky’s interest in Kitty worried Darcy to no end, Elizabeth would go berserk in worry.
‘One more thing.’ Fran asked.
Darcy nodded and pursed his lips.
‘I want to thank you for solving my family’s conundrum over the house.’ She said just as Tom entered the kitchen.
‘I want to thank you for that too. It meant a lot to us.’ Tom said.
‘I did it for Elizabeth.’ Darcy said. ‘Actually, wait a minute please.’ He asked and strode off the back porch in a few long strides.
He came back in forty seconds dragging a laughing Lizzy by the hand.
‘I bought the house as a gift to Lizzy.’ Darcy said locking eyes with her. The smile faded and she pursed her lips. He waited until she nodded to continue. ‘A kind of engagement gift. Elizabeth agreed to commit to me.’
The Bennetts were silently frowning.
‘What’s that?’ Fran asked crossing her arms over her bosom.
‘We agree to be committed to each other, sharing the intention of marrying.’ Lizzy explained squeezing Darcy’s hand that she held.
‘Excuse me?’ Fran said angrily.
‘Yes, Momla. Will knows I don’t want to marry eve-‘ Lizzy was about to say ‘ever again’ but corrected herself in time. ‘To marry him now, so he proposed we commit officially. We’ll even have a ring.’
Fran sighed audibly. ‘Elizabeth! How silly is that?’ She threw her hands up in the air. ‘Child, get a grip-‘ Fran started a diatribe but Darcy stopped her with a palm up.
‘Committed, Fran. When she decides, she’ll start signing Darcy after her name.’ He said in his known low tone of voice that bore no arguments.
Fran crossed her arms again and hmpfed.
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‘Dad, nothing to say? What are you thinking?’ Lizzy asked. She was really very comfortable with this commitment thing.
‘I’m thinking how good a businessman your William is.’ Tom said in a devilish smile.
The others frowned.
‘He got a twenty percent discount on my parents’ house!’

~the end~

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