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quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

Brazilian Maggie May

Hello there! How are you all doing?

I´ve enjoyed lovely summer days in New York, now am back on my game. To be sincere, I needed a few more days. One week was not enough for me, neither to NY. Alas...

As any first-timer, I was overwhelmed by the city that never sleeps. One of the amazing things of NY is that there's NY for every tribe! The big spenders, the die-hards, the clubbers, the night crawlers, the early birds, the third world girls amazed with the big city. I belong mostly to the last tribe, but tried to surf all the others.

I enjoyed Broadway with The Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia. I loved them. The Phantom is so great...


And Mamma Mia is lovely. In spite of missing Mr Darcy... ahem, Colin Firth, I liked the Broadway play better than the movie.

We tried to watch Rock of Ages as well, but we couldn't get nice seats at Tickts the day we tried... When I got home and talked about that, someone asked me: 'Is that the same story as the Tom Cruise's movie?' And that my friends, brought me back to my reality of raising a toddler: I'm only aware of the Batman, Spider Man and Brave premieres! *sigh*

Before leaving for my vacations, while trying to finish posting 'How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennet to love again' on FFnet, I had a spasm of inspiration and wrote a short story. A songfic based on a very famous and loved song from Legião Urbana.

Soundtrack of my teenage years, 'Eduardo e Mônica' has always been one of my favorite songs along with 'Último romântico', 'Losing my religion' and 'Across the Universe'. So, one day jogging at Aterro do Flamengo 'Eduardo e Mônica' blasted on my ipod and one thing leads to another... Eduardo now can be called by Mr Darcy and Mônica by Lizzy.

The famous song tells a love story between a girl and a guy - she is in med school, he is in highschool. The story follows their budding relationship until they are both grown ups with teenage kids. It's lovely, romantic, funny, especially it's full of hope. When it was released, I was barely 15 and at that time we are all dreaming about Prince Charming that usually is an older guy from school or the club. The beauty of 'Eduardo e Mônica' is that Prince Charming is an awkward guy, younger than the Princess and that makes all the effort to woo her.

A perfect Mr Darcy + Lizzy situation! 

The idea kept rolling in my mind for a long time. Hard to push it away... so I gave in and wrote it. Considering all the legal issues of a teenage boy with a young adult woman, I'm a bit uncertain of how it may get received but let me reasure you: nothing happens BEFORE he is of age.

Will Darcy is on his 17th birthday week when he meets 23 years old Lizzy. Lizzy is Maggie May! Well, not really really Maggie May, but it's kinda like it. I love 'Maggie May', especially on Rod Stewart's voice. Only Mônica (aka Lizzy) loves the younger guy, truly, madly, deeply.
Enough babbling, here's a sneak peak:

Lucky 6

songfic based on 'Eduardo e Mônica' and P&P
semi beta'ed 
rated NC17  

Even though Ricky and Bingley were having fun at the dance floor with a pretty tall blond girl, Darcy always taciturn kept statue like by the bar. From this advantageous place he could watch a certain pleasant figure inside tight black leather pants dance her enticing long chestnut locks non-stop. Without realizing, he drank a little too much. He didn´t realize either that Lizzy had gone for a refreshment after dancing herself away at the dance floor.
She had noticed him as soon as she arrived at the party, though. Aside from looking pretty young, this guy was really cute. Tall and strong, if not so young Lizzy could say elegant, such an intense look to his eyes… at the moment he seemed to be searching for someone at the dance floor. A girlfriend who went to Yale? Who that might be?
As she had nothing better to do aside from avoid Collins, curious Lizzy decided to watch Darcy. He chugged down his beer and asked for another, but his beautiful face crumpled as soon as he tasted it. She couldn´t resist and, smiling, got closer to whisper.
‘No good?’
‘No, stale.’ Darcy complained arrogantly, as if he were an accomplished beer specialist at (almost) seventeen.
‘No, I don´t think that´s the problem. You are mixing beer styles. First you had pilsener and now ale. Watch out, puppy.’ Lizzy said, barely stifling her laughter.
‘Puppy? Fuck it...’ Darcy bellowed and turned to look who was insulting him. ‘Freaking lame party.’
He froze when he saw that it was her, the long locks-leather pants-stunning goddess. And she was really close to him. Too close for his beered mind. “What a gorgeous woman! Hot damn!”


So? Worth waiting for?

Let me know what you think about this teaser? 
Crossing lines or fun reading

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See ya!

Disclaimer: msot of these pics are mine, but Google always helps me!

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