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terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Golden cage

Hi there!

Lizzy is in turmoil and Darcy is decided to put pressure. 

It´s Pemberley!

How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennett to love again is getting to its final moments and Lizzy is getting really scared. She senses that a time for a decision is drawing close, the rope is getting tighter, and she´s not liking the situation. Although she loves Darcy.
Everyone has had a fork in their roads - maybe there will be many others still - and it's never an easy moment. Decisions taking, paths choosing, life altering. Nope, not easy at all. 

O amor é isso. Não prende, não aperta, não sufoca. 
 Porque quando vira nó, já deixou de ser laço.

Mário Quintana was a master of words, I´m just a fan. Not sure his poetry is really eloquent in my translation.

Love is like this. It doesn't arrest, doesn't press, doesn't choke. 
 Because when it turns into a knot, it's no longer a bond.

I've talked about Lost in translation before, and I always feared getting lost in translation myself. What if I just can´t take a decision and life runs me over? What if I loose my slot? Oh, crap.

These pressured moments are worst when we find ourselves locked in golden cages. Perfect places, lovely situations, hot dates, our own minds... and yet it's no good.

I always thought about Pemberley as the ultimate golden cage in Pride and Prejudice. Darcy's homeland, huge and object of envy but that tied him up. The fact that he spends most of the book away from it, to me, shows that he both loves it and shies away from its restrictions. I´m of the thought that, if not for his father's early death, Mr Darcy would be a playboy cruising his youth untill the time he would have to face the landlord duties. So, 

Pemberley = Darcy´s golden cage

In my fanfic, it's also Lizzy's.

Anyone else lost? Doesn't know what to do?

Let's wait and see...


Amazing songs:
Rest of my life - Michelle Featherstone
Good Riddance - Green day
Landslide - originally Fleetwood Mac's but here in a lovely Glee rendition by Gwyneth Paltrow

Disclaimer: Google's pictures, my words.

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