& Moira Bianchi: Journals, planners & notebooks

Journals, planners & notebooks

 A collection of notebooks to follow your daily needs

organize your thoughts, map your future and take hold of your own management 

It is said that once you start controlling and anticipating, you avoid uncertainties. 
It's about helping anxiety.

From now on, you'll be able to choose helpful companions to help you plan, register and live better!

As easy to start as it can be.

hello! I'm Moira.

I always loved notebooks. 

All sizes and colors, maybe it can be said that I collect them because of how many I do have!

That's why I've put together these collections for you.

Let me tell you that I'm addicted to filling up notebooks. 

I take a great joy in using tags, bookmarks, flags, sticky notes. I don't know, maybe it's the image of a journal filled with words and thoughts, all colorful from all the little trinkets that mark something special I can't forget.

Also, let me be really fair here, my memory isn't as sharp as before... If I don't take notes, things are forgotten. Does it happen to you too?

When things got out of control for reasons no one could prevent, when I got stuck at home unable to see solution and submersed in uncertainties, I was a bit overwhelmed by things to do and when I would be able to get it done.

The habit of putting down my thoughts was what carried me through. Ideas, prayers, shopping lists, chores... Planning and journaling took me from day-to-day. Even though I have many notebooks, I kept trying to find a special one that could give me the boost I so desperately needed.

That was when I started these collections of notebooks, journals, logbooks and planners. Not only for me, but for everyone to enjoy. Many are decorated with the Jane Austen theme - it's no secret how much I love Pride and Prejudice! But also I use lovely and cute decorations of the most different inspirations.

I found out that these notebooks are also a great gift to my loved one, both literary friends and close ones.

Now I invite you to browse the collections od paperbacks, spiral books and hardcovers!

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  • How much your kid's party is worth?
  • How valuable is your grandkid's smile?
  • How much your peace of mind costs?
  • How valuable is to revisit memories from the past?
  • This is what you'll get by keeping a neat journal.

the good habit of keeping journals was very fashionable in the 19th century, did you know that? 

Let me tell you more...

5 curiosities of the origins of a composition book:

1- Paper was invented in China, around 100 bC

2- John Tetlow invented the paper rulling machine in 1770

3- It comes from the begining of the 19th century, from Lewis & Clark's journey through Louisiana the first pocket diary

4- By the 1860's, composition notebooks were being sold in Germany and France - with marble cover

5- 100 years later, the item was already mass produced and thoroughly loved

Browse the whole collection on line now!

  • each book has an unique interior design
  • decorated pages
  • lined or squared or gridded pages
  • prompted lists
  • logbooks with big spaces for confort writing
  • cuttable flags and stamps
  • all deliveries are Amazon certified
  • quality guaranteed

/\ click here to visit JOURNALING WITH JANE AUSTEN on Amazon /\

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What kind of person are you?

The remember-almost-anything

- or -

The always-missing-important dates

It's a totally safe purchase, Amazon certified, Prime eligible. 

Each book will be printed specially for you and sent in no time!

You can even send directly to your loved one as a gift.


Don't miss something special, get yourself one of these books.

❤ To track your health

❤ To manage your anger

❤ To organize your Christmas cards

❤ To plan your chores

❤ To host the best ever party

❤ To put together a book club

❤ To make someone happy today!

What if you forget something?!

Better be safe, order a journal now!

Sources for the researches I've made to put this page together: The guardian, Quality logo, Lumen

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