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Regency love fairy tale - part 10

After such an emotional chapter, let's have some... LOVE. In capitals, please. We deserve it!

Bring on the luv!

Love in acts

2nd act


angst, rated M, short, P&P, Alternate Universe
Part 9

It rained the next day and Elizabeth couldn’t take her morning walk. At breakfast, when she commiserated her bad luck with her sister and the housekeeper, Darcy entered the room for a cup of tea.

‘Seat and have a proper meal, sir.’ She smiled at him.

‘I had two hours ago.’ He smiled back. ‘Bennett and I have taken a ride across the park.’

‘In the rain! Lizzy, Lesley will catch his death!’

‘Nonsense! Trifle rain is not enough to kill a man.’ Darcy mumbled bringing the cup to his lips.

Mrs. Reynolds, the old housekeeper chuckled. ‘He learned that, ma’am, when he was a lad. Because he always loved his horses and at Pemberley, rain often comes in thrice.’

He nodded sadly.

‘At least we can visit the mansions Lord Brakenbury pointed out, I’ll talk to Ben.’ Elizabeth mused. ‘Possibly antique rugs.’ She added for Jane.

‘I’d like to accompany you two.’ Jane’s eyes tinkled with the chance of snooping around titled gentry properties.


Predicting the weather as a sorceress, Mrs. Reynolds proved to be right for it rained on and off for the next two days, never clearing enough for a brisk walk, much less for an encounter near the creek.

Georgiana kept talking very little although she seemed to always be close to approach Elizabeth who felt her disquietude grow with each drop that felt from the sky. At one side, the sister seeming to lurk around her but never being able to speak her mind; at the other, the brother looking ever so handsome but unfortunately out of her reach.

Darcy noticed her impatience and loved it. For him, having a woman as fetching as her craving his company as he craved hers made his skin crawl. Soon, very soon he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything other than her figure, the sashay of her dress as she walked in front of him, the rising and falling of her cleavage as she breathed… He blinked and looked the other way.

‘…And so, the candle holders were massive, heavy horrendous things sporting one fat cherub grabbing the other who tried to escape the monstrosity with his little arm up waiting for a candle-’ Ben stood to mimic the pose he described, one knee bend looking towards to floor in agony while one hand pointed to the ceiling. ‘And the women fought for it like harpies over a dead hyena!’

Bingley guffawed, Georgiana giggled, Darcy chuckled amused at how the lad’s disposition brought him memories of his happy youth rested against the large chair his father used to occupy, and Jane held her middle laughing while Elizabeth shook her head from the other side of the library.

‘It wasn’t that ugly or the fight that vicious.’ She said not distracting her eyes from the spines of the books while searching what she wanted. ‘The pieces were heavy monstrosities but had great value, so the ladies of Bath confirmed.’

‘They were absolute indignities, ma- Lizzy!’

‘The winning bidder thought it not.’

Ben sneered pointing his thumb at her. ‘She was the one to find it lost in Clarence’s old great-aunt’s attic and convinced the woman to let us sell it. The lady was pretty pleased with the money we sent her.’

‘See? It was a gem!’

As Ben continued to tell his auction anecdotes, Darcy watched Elizabeth peruse the book shelves searching his own mind. Had he witnessed her son almost call her ‘mama’ before? He was a handsome lad, shorter than Darcy but lean and elegant like his mother, her eyes and good humor, and also so much from his sire. The man who had the gall to fool this lovely lady when she was a debutante… The man he considered trustworthy and honorable, his favorite cousin, but who parted without acknowledging an understanding with her father. Her smile brought him back, he answered with another smile seeing her satisfaction with a book she took from the shelf and walked to him.

‘Any of these?’ She asked handing him three small thin books of sermons.

He laughed, she sipped her forgotten tea with smiling eyes and the others noticed the communication. ‘I’m not sure anymore, perhaps I can try to find it if I can remember where it was usually kept.’

‘Oh, dear!’ Jane’s hand shot to her bosom. ‘If Lizzy is trying this hard to find a book, I’d better retire before she finds.’

Ben grimaced. ‘Me too.’

‘Why?’ Bingley asked twisting his head from his wife to his brother. ‘She always reads it aloud for us when she finds a book she likes. Remember the last one about China, with all the drawings and- Wait!’ He said as his wife stood.

‘Let’s go Charles.’

‘Miss Georgiana, I wouldn’t advise you to stay. Good night, ma’am.’ Ben walked towards Elizabeth, leaned in and kissed her cheek. ‘I bid you good night, Lizzy.’

‘Good night, Lesley. Maybe I can take the book to you later.’

Ben gritted his teeth looking nervously at Darcy.

‘I shall not call you ‘Lesley’, Bennett.’ Darcy said holding his laughter.

‘See?’ He balled his hands. ‘I begged you not to say it anymore.’

‘Oh, such a dear little babe Lesley was!...’ Jane hugged his arm. ‘He used to giggle when our sister sang  ‘Janey and Lizzy and Mary and Kitty and Lydy and Lesley’…’

‘Seriously, sister.’ He shook his arm free. ‘Good night, sir.’ He bowed stiffly at Darcy and left.

As they teased after Ben, Darcy stood to close the door. ‘No one will bother us here.’

‘Good.’ She smiled saucily. ‘Find me the books, sir. Both of them.’

He smiled back, took her hand to place a kiss on her palm and wrist and walked to the far end of the library. There, he made a show of searching the higher shelves for a moment until he turned and fingered the cushioned seat bellow the window.

‘I knew it would be low!’ She gasped. ‘You were but a little boy!’

He chuckled and handed her a worn-out book a little bigger than the ones she had selected. Her eyes twinkled with amusement and to appreciate it; he sat at a large sofa facing the big windows, tugged on her arm to bring her to his side. The book of sermons was a regular volume, old and weathered, smelled of dust and mold even but inside it hid a prohibited French book of anatomy.

As she perused the pictures spending little time reading the explanations, his lips found the back of her neck, her ear, the spot behind that caught fire whenever he was close. ‘You are warm here, my lady.’ He whispered giving her goosebumps.

His fingers traced her evening dress’ low neckline, the perfumed valley between her breasts and she sighed leaning her back against his chest. He groaned in her ear, buried his nose in her neck and undid the crimson delicate lace bow so his fingertips could caress a nipple from inside the undergarments exactly as she found the drawings of a naked woman.

‘Is this where you first learned?’ She whispered.

Reluctantly he moved his eyes from her nipple between his fingers to the book in her hands. ‘How can this drawing compare to you?’ He ran his nose from her shoulder to her ear. ‘You are exquisite, my lady.’ Her breathing was quickened for he held one nipple inside the neckline and the other from outside. ‘Please grant me access to you chambers, my lady.’

‘Can you enter without being seen, Fitzwilliam?’ She had spent countless years hiding secrets and now that she was offered a clean start, how could she jeopardize everything for lust again? As if for cruelty, the page she turned revealed a naked man.

‘There is a side passage from the morning parlor to the private drawing room you are using, my nymph.’ As he squeezed her breast, instinctively she squeezed her legs together and shut the book. ‘I can be there in twenty minutes.’

‘I’ll be waiting.’

The drawing room or the bedchamber? She paced from one to another, her night and dressing gowns swishing around her legs and she tried to decide.

The drawing room seemed more appropriate, they were not married. The bedchamber could be more comfortable for her to lay down and let him- well, wait for him to… do what he said he thought about and hoped she dreamt about.

There was no denial he was a handsome man. Tall and strong and brooding, dark hair and marvelous lips. His kisses were nothing like she remembered or was stolen over the years by a more brazen gentleman offering to court her. His were different, heartfelt, the intensity put her in turmoil; she believed the difference was his intentions behind the kiss – at least she wanted her naïve romantic imaginings not to be misguiding her judgment once again.

Distracted against the window between the drawing room and bedchamber, she yelped when his strong arms encircled her shoulders. ‘I apologize for being a few minutes late.’ She shook her head unable to speak when he hugged her from behind and glued his lips to her ear. ‘My valet was exceedingly careful today and I waited until he left. I could have sent him away, but I wanted to be careful.’

‘Thank you.’ She whispered.

‘I locked the door I came in, will lock the others to the corridor and servants’ quarters.’

‘I already did.’

‘My lady…’ He breathed trying to calm his breathing and taking care not to let her feel his arousal on her buttocks. ‘I was going crazy waiting for the moment you would allow me in here.’ He opened the sash and pushed her dressing gown from her shoulder until it fell on the floor.

Her eyes downcast, she soon saw the shadow of his pooling around his feet too. She turned to hug his neck and he quickly took half a step behind so only his torso met hers. ‘I’m afraid I have little to offer, sir-’


‘Fitzwilliam. Your book is basically the best reference I have.’

He chuckled both happy and saddened. She was naïve and unpracticed in spite of having bred one child already; her body inside the nightgown put him in sweet agony, he craved to see all of it, all she had to offer but that wouldn’t happen that night, their first night. She needed patience to forget the traumatic experience, needed to be courted and treated like a genteel well-bred man could, like he would.

Taking her by surprise, he ducked and easily swept her up into his arms. ‘Finally.’ He grinned and without breaking the hot kiss she gave him, he deposited her in her bed. His big hand caressed her ankle to take off her slippers, first one then the other. ‘I managed to give you swans, but the slippers still haven’t arrived.’


‘I ordered you new ones, because of the grass and punch from the masquerade.’

‘Oh, you didn’t have to, Fitzwilliam.’

He merely smiled because the light coming from the candles and the low fire keeping her bedchamber protected from the north wind played on her face and white nightgown making his mouth water with the small lumps her tiny nipples produced against the fabric. Slowly he climbed to lie beside her as she scooted further up until her head bumped against the headboard.

‘Oof!’ She complained and gasped a second later when his hand grabbed a breast over her nightgown. ‘Oh, pray, do you think we-’

‘All you have to do is tell me to stop.’ He offered half lying on top of her, his mouth on her neck doing wonders against her skin, licking and kissing and nibbling. So overwhelmed she didn’t notice him opening the buttons until his hand easily crawled inside and pushed the fabric aside so his mouth could capture a nipple. She arched her back and clamped her tights shut letting the bolt run through her, not sure if her body would let her tell him stop if she wanted.

Powerful sensations ran through her as she saw his big figure rise on his knees, felt his hands on her legs pushing the hem of her nightgown up, the heated air reached her skin and finally he rested one knee between her tights. His mouth never left her breast, sucking and kissing and pressing her nipple between his lips.

Only when his hand glided upward from her knee to inner thigh she raised on her hands behind her.

‘What?’ He asked feeling his heart stop in frustration. ‘What, my love?’ Words failed her when she noticed his organ tenting his nightgown, impressive in size even if covered, seemed hungry too for the drop it let out was caught by the fabric. He followed her gaze and ducked his head to capture her lips in his for a tender kiss. ‘I won’t hurt you.’ He promised in a whisper as his hand glided the rest of the way up until it reached the tuft of soft hair between her legs and only stopped when his fingers reached her womanhood.

He rested both knees between her outstretched legs, arranged pillows behind her back using only one hand as the other continued to caress her gingerly. His fingers outlined her folds mesmerizing his touch with the softness and delicateness, from her mound to where she rested over the mattress several times allowing her to get used to the caress. He could lower her nightgown to give her privacy, but he craved to see and fell her, as much as he could in their first night together.

‘Do you like it?’ He asked adding a nipple to his caresses, touching her over the nightgown as his fingertips carefully probed between her folds and groaned when he found her damp. ‘Does it please you?’

‘Does it please you?’

‘So very much, my love.’ He whispered and let go of her for a moment to lift his nightgown to his waist and rest fully over her. Very carefully, he let his fingertips open her delicate folds enough for the head of his member probe her entrance.

She had her eyes shut, lower lip between her teeth, mouth dry, all the different smells overwhelming her nostrils: expensive wax, roses, strawberries, soap perfumed linens, man, sex. When he pushed inside slowly, she gasped feeling everything so different from what she remembered, bigger, slower, private, intense.

Having had time to prepare for this night, even though he heard her surprised gasp, he didn’t stop and kept pushing in with care. Loving that woman so much, knowing she had not been touched for the last two decades and before, touched only once - even if she asked him, he wouldn’t be able to stop at that point. Impossibly snug, as if she was sucking him in, wet and warm, perfumed of rose water and woman and sex, he buried himself in her treasure to the brim. ‘My love...’ He breathed and her eyelids fluttered opened. He wanted to ask if she was well, brazenly if she liked that too, but her eyes glowed alive with the flickering candles on the tall dresser by the window. ‘You are free to explore.’ There was surprise in her fine eyes, he wanted lust. He wanted her to be addicted to this, to any bed he laid, to the moment he would visit her chamber; Darcy knew he would be and wanted her to reciprocate. ‘Explore everything.’ He took one of her dainty hands clawing the mattress and balancing on his other elbow, pressed her palm to his hip inside his nightgown. She sucked in her breath; he smiled and slowly moved her hand up his side until his nipple graced her palm. ‘Everything belongs to you.’ He breathed in her opened mouth, her tongue waiting for his and as he gave her the kiss she anticipated, he pressed her hand to claw his chest and started a slow pumping.

Her breathing quickened, her head spun, she shot the other hand to this neck inside his nightgown collar feeling his course beard against her fingertips and moaned like a cat desperate to escape. He leaned back amused by her sound, almost in trance from the sensation her delicate sex produced in him, and decided to be brazen, much more than he had planned. Putting his weigh on his knees, he raised enough to unglue their bodies and took off his nightgown. Her hand never left his chest, the other returned to his neck, he smiled.

His expression, boudoir satisfaction she thought, fueled her courage and when he took her hand and guided it over his body; she was ready to enjoy it. Strong chest from an accomplished horseman and fencer, ribs covered by strong skin, dark tangled hair descending from his stomach to his small belly of a man who ate what he liked when he liked. Her fingernails hid in his hair until they moved to hers, and it surprised her how her skin seemed different from his, soft while his was firm and to compare, her other hand moved from his neck to his ribs.

‘Fold your legs, my lady.’ He asked, and groaned in pleasure, his lips stretching in a smile when she did cradling him between them. She would have complied even if he had ordered because the sensation that took her over when he withdrew to his head rendered her breathless. He saw and felt her reaction and still smiling, guided her fingertips to her folds wet and warm and delicate and the most fetching tone of pink. She gasped, tried to jerk her hand but he held her by the wrist. ‘Explore everything.’

There was no defense when his eyes were that deep and a wicked desire burned low inside her, so when he moved her hand by her wrist, her fingers gained life. She touched herself feeling how he stretched her entrance, imagined it might cause her injury but it felt too positively marvelous to be bad in any way; moved from her warm meaty silk skin to his paper thin pulsing member and heard him gasp. She waited to see if he would take her hand away or tell her to stop, but he closed his eyes and let go of her wrist to let his arms fall on his sides. Understanding he gave her leave, she explored him from the base covered by coarse dark hair to the tip still inside her feeling powerful and brave to let her index fingertip surround his mushroom slightly inside her.

‘Pray, take off your nightgown.’ He whispered spooking her. She had been keeping her eyes on his chest, seeing how his skin rose on prickles when he had goosebumps from her exploration, so distracted she didn’t notice he had his eyes opened seeing what she was exploring.

As soon as she was naked, his mouth closed around a small nipple, the other was covered by his hand and he pushed fully inside. She yelped and then giggled and moaned melting under him when his lips rested behind her ear as he pumped.

She didn’t remember much from that afternoon with Colonel Fitzwilliam aside from what her remorse sieved: pain, sweat, fear of getting caught, his groan. Now, everything seemed new and delicious, intimate, private, accepted, invited, luxurious and lustful.

His weight over her, his grunt of pleasure, his lips moving from behind to her ear, the almost regrettable feeling of him leaving her immediately replaced by the pleasure of his return, the smell of his skin exhaling sex, his hand on her hips to her buttock to her knee to her inner thigh to her knee over the crook of his arm built up a fire pit scorching her delicate parts, taking over her stomach, her chest, her neck, behind her eyes that flew opened and burst out of her in a powerful meow she never believed herself capable of uttering.

He stopped very still, thighs trembling from the effort of waiting the absurd pleasure of one thousand infinitesimal ants prickling his member at the same time, delicate and scorching hot. He had had mistresses, countless, from the Ton even, who had had pleasure with him, liked his visits but never ever had he received an attack such as that. He waited; she didn’t even suck in air until her pleasure slowly ebbed away. Once she breathed again, he still on fire, clamped her mouth in his for as long as he needed to pump before tossing his head back and grunting very ungentlemanly like a wounded wolf and ended up falling over her.

Several moments of complete silence.

‘Pray, what was that?’ A whisper.

‘A wolf being bitten by an angry pussycat, I reckon.’ He panted.

She giggled. ‘Dear Lord. Is it supposed to be like this?’

‘If you don’t give me this every night, I shall be heartbroken.’ She widened her eyes. ‘It’ll be even better with time, my Lizzy.’

‘Not ‘my Lizzy’.’

He frowned leaning his head away from her neck. ‘You are mine. Forever.’

‘I want to be.’ She caressed his hair. ‘Lesley learned to correct his impetus of calling me ‘mama’ with ‘my Lizzy’.’

‘Ah.’ He blinked slowly. ‘My lady, my nymph, my love, my woman, my lust.’ She giggled but he was still serious and still inside her. ‘My wife.’ She bit her lip. ‘If you think I’ll let you refuse me again, you are mistaken.’

She shook her head. ‘Pray, won’t you leave?’

‘Will you?’


‘Me neither.’

She laughed, he chuckled kissing her neck.


Perhaps it was magic that operated Pemberley after all because the next morning there was  sun and when Darcy wandered inside the woods at their spot, he found her seated a few twists of the creek ahead with her feet in the water. Mesmerized, he once again repented from leaving her chambers well before the day dawned, still felt very sorry for abandoning such a handsome lady alone in her bed. Her cheeks were flushed, her body loved, her eyes hooded and lips stretched in a lazy catlike smile that could have convinced him to return to the sweet confinement of her legs. He did try but she sent him away afraid a maid might climb up to check the fireplace and as much as he wanted, there was little he could deny her – even if it was against him.

Slowly he opened his coat, rested his crop and gloves on the grass and seated behind her. She yelped surprised by two long legs straddling her from behind and giggled when he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. ‘You could kill me, sir!’

‘By kissing you senseless?’

‘Scaring me senseless!’ She leaned against his chest as if he were a cushioned chair. ‘Did you sleep well?’

‘No.’ He sighed deeply. ‘I’m afraid only in your arms I will be able to sleep well.’

She thought about sharing a bed with him, the big bed Georgiana showed her in the mistress bedchamber. Her parents always used separate chambers, never slept together. ‘Do the master chambers open to the mistress?’

‘There is a private seating room between the dressing chambers. I have been using it as a den for business I want to keep even from my secretary.’ He kissed her neck and her ear. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll only use the desk by the window, you can have the rest of the room.’

She twisted to look him in the eye. ‘That’s not what I meant.’

‘Whatever you meant, you can have the seating room to yourself, where you can rest as you are now, barefoot, smiling.’ With a lingering kiss on her cheek, he pushed her cape behind her shoulder to bare it for another kiss but stopped. ‘What is this here?’

She blushed. ‘All the care was of no use, my maid can well suspect what happened last night.’

‘Did I hurt you anywhere else?’ He closed his eyes when her delicate fingers touched his lips.

‘You didn’t hurt me.’ She shook her head. ‘You didn’t.’

He sighed touching the rosy bruise on her shoulder gingerly and inspected her neck, her other shoulder and opened the buttons from her morning dress’ décolletage, pulled the string from her shift glad for the cutout bust of her stays and arranged her over his shoulder to look closely. ‘Ah, my love…’ He sighed covering the purple bruise near her left breast’s aureole. ‘I shall be more careful in the future, I promise.’

‘Last night you asked me if your caresses pleased me…’ She looked at him and he nodded. ‘I was very pleased, and slept like an angel, woke up to the delicious memories of you in my bed… pray, would you return tonight?’

‘I almost didn’t leave it.’ He lowered his head to kiss her, she raised a hand to the nape of his neck and he closed his hand around her breast. ‘My wood nymph seducing me here, her feet in the water… I’m a defenseless fool.’

She smiled resting against his bent leg to face him fully, her garments opened and both her breasts exposed to him. ‘The seducteur is you, sir.’

He lowered his head more and kissed each nipple in turn and as she moaned sweetly, he sucked one before licking. ‘If I hadn’t promised to court you properly, I would make a little less effort to hold myself now.’ He caressed the wet nipple torturing her with delicate kneading and pulling. ‘The perfume of your secrets lingered on my fingers.’ He whispered in her ear, eyes on her dress bunched around her knees. How easy he could snake a hand inside her skirt and reach heaven. ‘Once you accept me, you’ll spend days naked.’

‘I shall enjoy that.’ She hid her hand inside his waistcoat to palm his chest. ‘When that happened before-’ She whispered and he stopped the nibbling on her ear and the torturing of her nipple to look at her. ‘It wasn’t like it was yesterday. I remember pain and insecurity but yesterday… tell me it will always be that way.’

He nodded. ‘You will be loved as you deserve, my lady.’ He kissed her lips lovingly. ‘Do you love me? Can you?’

She shook her head. ‘You overwhelm me, your kindness, your love, your care for me and Lesley.’ Her eyes searched his to read his emotions. ‘I am well in the way of loving you to madness.’ She sat up to attack his mouth, her tongue searching his with hunger and urgency, he hugged her waist and let her find what she needed in him, any reassurance she deemed necessary. Breathless, her chest moving quickly, her eyes on his lips she lowered her hand and touched his breeches; surprised, he sucked in air and held her wrist. ‘Allow me.’ She asked. ‘Open the flap.’

How could he deny her? But he had to, she needed care before she could be loved anywhere – that spot he was sure to love her many times through the years but then, at the beginning of their love, he wanted her to feel safe in a comfortable bed. Closing his eyes with force, he pressed her hand on his turgid member over his breeches and glued his lips to her ear. ‘Wait for me tonight. In your chambers I’ll belong completely to you.’


a revised & unabridged version of this story will be available  Kindle, ebook, brochure from Jan 25th, 17.